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[I was just looking at the jarring yet fascinating paintings of L.A artist Cleon Peterson, and they got me thinking a little bit about the nature of violence in our world. I have a collection of Gandhi’s articles next to bed, so his ideas were added to the mix.

I hope I can build on these ideas later. – JH]

Violence is intentional harm. Intentional can mean “willfully ignored.”

Harm is the restriction of a person’s choices, whether physical, emotional, moral, economic or otherwise.

Inequality refers to a significant imbalance of choices between two people or groups.

Violence, therefore, causes inequality.

So, if faced with inequality, work to end violence.

The fewer choices one has, the less each individual choice is able to produce an outcome favorable to everyone involved – including the one doing the choosing.

People realize this innately, and, if this lack of choices reaches a certain point, the lack of choices becomes a problem in itself.

Because inequality is an imbalance of choices, a party on one side of the imbalance is going to have fewer choices and therefore will be more likely to commit violent actions.

Inequality, therefore, causes violence.

So, if faced with violence, work to end inequality.

This leads one to consider a long chain of alternating instances of violence and inequality.

At some point, the chain will touch upon something that you yourself can do in the scope of your life – either to end an inequality or to halt an act of violence.

Do that thing.


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