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Ah… that’s refreshing. I was out of town for a few days, but now I’m back, and I’m more motivated than ever to get Kleptos reasonably finished by the end of the week. Yesterday I did a basic map of the game, but as I finish it, I’m mostly going to be improvising and changing as I go along.

So here’s the plan:

Wednesday: Create a winning path through the game. That is, add the inventory items, objects and switches that will get to the win screen.

Complete! Yep, I already did this. It took a little wrangling. There was a bit of a mix up in terms of confusing inventory items and objects that appear in rooms that took a bit of tracking, but it was easy to fix, and things are running again. I did notice a few other major bugs, but I’m stopping for the day, and I’ll leave those for tomorrow.

Thursday: First, work through the bugs found on Wednesday. Second, do a little bit of proofreading and tightening of descriptions. Third, create traps and dead ends for the player. This will involve tweaking an attribute called “visibility” – the player’s hit points. The idea is that the more mistakes the thief makes, the more likely he is going to be caught. A visibility of 100% means a game over. This means that you will most likely have to play the game several times to get it all right.

I swear I did not come up with this as a cheap trick to lengthen play time, though that’s ultimately what it’s going to amount to. I’m comfortable about that, granted my goal now is completion, not perfection. The original idea was this: as visibility increased, it would limit your options in the game. There would be this middle-ground point where if your visibility was above 100%, you would still be playing, but your goal would be fighting guards and running away, rather than completing your goal. But… that was too complicated, so I shrunk it to a mere “hitpoint” attribute. Next time.

Friday: Create final touches. This means: creating a splash screen, an ending for a winning scenario, beefing up the help file. I might possibly working on a couple items of polish I have in mind, but these are not essential. Proofread and bug test as needed.

Saturday: Test, test, test, finish. I am going to work very hard to curb featurecreep, so that Saturday can be devoted to testing and tweaking. My work will not be finished at this point (in fact, the next lesson in LPTHW is to review the code for your game), but I will be putting it up on github for all to see the first version. Celebrate!

So that’s the plan. I’ll be updating daily as I go along, to share the process. Stay tuned.



  1. Hey Joe, sounds like you’re doing great! I’m just wondering; when you upload the game, how will it be playable? Will we need to have python installed or will it be an .exe.., or what? Cheers.

    • You will have to have Python 2.7 installed and run it by opening a console/interpreter in the game’s main folder. There are a lot of files involved, and I’m assuming you’ll be able to download all of them prearranged and in the right folders. Also, I’ve been running it exclusively on Linux. There is only one portability issue (clearing the terminal screen) that would be different between Linux and Windows, but I think I know how to work around that. I hope you don’t mind being a guinea pig, Anthony 🙂

      I would love to be able to make this an .exe, but I don’t know how yet. Expect a big post on that if I do find out, since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of easily searchable, clear information on the internet about how to make python scripts standalone files.

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