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Category Archives: Homesteading

I dream of becoming a homesteader. I’m not very close to that – yet – as far as I know – but I still like thinking about it. Before I even begin writing about how to make that happen, I want to record my thoughts on why it’s important. Here’s the first I’ve come up with.

1. We must spend so much time taking care of our homes, vehicles, gardens, tools, electronics and toys anyway.

We spend a lot of time, work and energy taking care of our things – and it’s horribly draining. Why not channel all this effort into a means of living? It would do two things: first, it would lessen the pressure for us to find work in order to live; second, it would take an amount of work we already find ourselves engaged in and make it infinitely more meaningful. Doing work that you know is not returning very much value is draining. Good work makes you feel good. In my experience, it makes me feel stronger, more solid; where doing what I consider to be pointless toil leaves me feeling empty, weak, empty, devoid of substance.  I find myself less solid than the world around me, less able to stand up to it and do what needs to get done.

So there would be a very definite and direct kind of fulfillment, to gradually shift to providing directly for myself, without the intermediary of an economy.