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Category Archives: Status

I am currently working toward a more solid workflow design in my life, that is, a way to manage all of my projects and get myself ready to begin working and studying again. Although the blog is temporarily suffering from that, this blog is actually part of that plan, and I will be getting back to it in due time.

My current goal is to finish a workflow design according to David Allen’s Getting Things Done┬áprogram. I’m most of the way finished with the book (which, sadly, I started in August), but I am taking a very long time going through every single one of my possessions, including computer files, to make sure there is a place for everything. Naturally, this is taking a lot of time and energy, but I am pushing to complete it as soon as possible, so I should be ready to move on to something else before long.


I hope to make status updates a regular part of this blog. In my imagination, what I will do is post at the beginning of each month regularly and sporadically throughout the month. I am designing a posting schedule for the site in general, so something formal will be in place soon, whatever it is.

I’m currently focusing on a few holiday chores, as well as getting this blog online, perfecting my resume and looking for work.

My first order of business is to perhaps find another WordPress theme: the default font size is too small with this one, as much as I like everything else about it, and I have to use header formatting to get it somewhat the right size. Not too demanding, but certainly annoying.

My next review will be of the Python 3 textbook I recently finished; expect it later this week or early next week.

I’m still looking at classes, though it seems my decision to remain in Albuquerque and take classes – though it could not have been made sooner – left me with little or perhaps no time to actually sign up for a class. There is a possibility at CNM, but I won’t be able to add any classes until January 2, and by then there might not be any available slots. If that’s the case, I’m going to look into online courses.

I am of course continuing the course of self-study I’ve designed for myself. To be honest, I’m not sure that taking classes for the sake of taking classes is going to help me all that much. I enjoy teaching myself, and I have the discipline to do it effectively. I understand the value of enrolling in a program and getting outside scrutiny – so I am not putting this to rest. But I can always apply for summer courses without having to rush. I might also be eligible for more intermediate classes by that point, which would save a lot of time, effort and money.